Why I love my bicycle

  • The feeling of freedom I get from pedaling me and my stuff all over the world for (what feels like) free.
  •  I get stronger while only having fun at a comfortable pace.  Forget “no pain no gain”!
  • I’m never stuck in traffic.  I can always get up on the sidewalk or move between lanes in a traffic jam.
  • My Surly can carry a boatload of stuff.  No need to be spartan and make living on the bike an ordeal.
  • It keeps me healthy and fit and buff.  I like what I see in the mirror.
  • As a vegetarian bicycle rider, my carbon footprint is really low which makes me feel like I gracefully coexist with the world rather than suck up resources.
  • My tomtom app finds wonderful bicycle routes and plots alternatives to keep my commute to work interesting and on less traveled roads.
  • I get an invigorating rush of emotion getting out before dawn with good weather, an open road to explore, and the sky slowly lighting up with a day of adventure ahead of me.
  • I like to outfit my bike to perfection, looking ahead to a life of making this my little home while exploring the world.
  • I can carry clothes, food, camping equipment, tools, toiletries, electronics for navigation or entertainment.

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