Vacation starts today!

I’m leaving tomorrow night! I’ve got today and tomorrow to get my act together. A million things to do. The time is nearly here. I’m so looking forward to this adventure.

The weather is turning a little colder and normally I would not like that. But I kind of like the idea of it being cold here when I leave for Florida! I hope it’s warm enough down there to enjoy swimming in the ocean. I bet it will be.

I’m sort of keyed up about getting all the details finalized. But this morning I’m trying to encourage the calm and easy going feeling that’s there for me as I start my vacation. No duties. No responsibilities except to myself.

I’m the master of my own destiny. No, I’m a child of the universe that’s soon to discover my destiny. It’s there to unfold for me moment to moment rather than as a road map of preconceived choices. The planning is all good for filling me with ideas but I need to let nature take its course now and enjoy the ride wherever it leads.

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