Pondering the camping opportunities on this long holiday weekend

I’ve scoped out a bicycle route I’d love to try. Ride to Charlie Elliott WMA, where I’ve camped before. It’s a nice area with a lake and a boardwalk. Then I’ll loop down into Okonee National Forest and spend the night somewhere around Cedar Creek WMA. I’ve never been there and just need to see where’s a good place to camp.

View Loop to Charlie Elliott WMA and more in a larger map

Then I’ll continue thru the forest and maybe end up at Indian Springs State Park. Then return home.

My big problem is the weather forecast. I want to go for the long holiday weekend coming up, but it sure does look like a lot of intense rain is heading our way. Tomorrow is 100% chance of rain, tomorrow night 90%, Friday 70%, Saturday 60%. I don’t mind some significant time in the rain but it does get old and interferes with making meals and such while camping.

I’m going to see how I feel and check the weather again in the morning.

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