I chickened out

While I was looking forward to Little River Falls on my tour, that naturally leads to really challenging climbs. I don’t know whether or not to believe it but Google Earth says one of the hills is about 3/4 mile at 19% grade. That’s almost as steep as Brass Town Bald. I’d like to believe I could do that loaded with gear but I have my doubts. And pushing the bike up a steep hill loaded with gear is not easy either. It’s hard to get the bike out in front of me as is necessary to stay balanced – my legs get tangled up in the panniers.

So I’ve changed my planned route to be much less challenging. I’m going to the base of Little River Canyon but I won’t try to go up to the falls (that’s not the steep part but to avoid the steep climbs I’d have to go to the falls and then turn around – I’d rather skip them altogether this time).

2 thoughts on “I chickened out”

  1. Good decision! I’m relieved that you’re not planning to risk that kind of challenge with your loaded bike!

    I hope you have a great three weeks of riding, sight-seeing and visiting with family! Please give my love to all our Mississippi family that you’re able to see. I will be following your progress on-line for the coming 3 weeks!

    I love you, Waltter,

    1. Thanks Mom. Looks like tomorrow night may include a lot of rain. Hopefully late. Then Monday too :(. But i can hardly be hoping to not get rained on for three weeks so starting out wet’s not going to be so bad. I can look forward to drying out under sunny skies afterward.

      Love, Walter

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