To all my friends and family

I’m having trouble sending email. Not sure how persistent it will be.

Based on having one bar here in Rockmart and heading towards more remote areas, I may not upload waypoints for a day or two at a time. Please, nobody worry because I’m out of contact.

Having a great time.

Love, Walter

5 thoughts on “To all my friends and family”

  1. Hi, Walter. Thanks for your post. I’ll try not to worry if we don’t hear from you for a couple of days. I do hope that you’ll be beyond the rain very soon and have a chance to enjoy the marvelous temperatures ahead! Highs of 72 for today and the next 2 days, then up just a bit.
    I’m soooo glad you’re having such a good time!!
    I love you, Mom

    1. Yes. I’ve been posting waypoints. Can you see them? Click on the Mississippi Tour heading, then click on the Mississippi Live link at the top of that page. Do you see a map of where I’ve been?

      I’m at Bankhead Forest as of last night. Having a blast.

      Tell me though, do you see my updates?

      Love, Walter

  2. Hi, sweet Walter! I hope you’re still having a great time! I think, from your map, that you’re in Meredian now. Is that right? Since the tags aren’t working, I’m not sure. Sorry I’ve been remiss about writing, but I’ve had my brain, fingers and eyes all focused on writing an action plan to lead the Agency to “stability,” as they say. I’ve finished most of the detailed plan, not due until early in November, then tonight I finished the much briefer outline which will go to the Board on Oct.24 . WHEW! The Board will deal with the recommendation that I be brought on Board at the November special-called meeting – I think.
    I can hardly wait for you to get home so I can see you and hear all about your trip!! And see pictures, too!
    I miss my sweet Walter and love you so much!
    Love, Mom

    1. Hey mom. I’m having a wonderful time. No, not in meridian. I’m just south of Starkville on the Natchez trace. I’m glad you’re making progress for the agency. Can’t wait to see you. Love, Walter

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