Waking at Panola Mountain

I got finally went camping last night at the new primitive campground at Panola Mountain State Park. This campground opened about a year ago. It’s a very pretty setting on Scott’s Lake (a little pond really).


Beautiful morning! After some coffee and oatmeal to break the chill, time to go play!

2 thoughts on “Waking at Panola Mountain”

  1. Hi, Walter,
    Congratulations for finally making your camping trip! Your camping site looks so beautiful and peaceful. Have you seen any critters yet? For some reason, that area looks like pileated woodpeckers would be happy there.

    Have a wonderful day, honey. Thanks for your post!

    Love you,

  2. Didn’t see woodpeckers. But they certainly might have been around. There was quite a racket (peaceful that is) in the night. Early on there were tons of water creatures making noise. Frogs I think. It was really neat being able to go here in only 12 miles and feel like I’m way out in the country. No traffic noise. Just birds and frogs :-)

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