Getting close to Dawson Forest

I’ll camp at Dawson Forest (City of Atlanta Tract) tonight. I’m at the Subway, about 15 miles from where I’ll camp.


The weather is very nice, other than a pretty stiff wind.

I remain apprehensive about the ride to Vogel tomorrow. That’s more difficult than any touring-bike ride I’ve ever done. I’m working on a mantra I got from the old story, The Little Engine That Could.

I think I can, I think I can…

2 thoughts on “Getting close to Dawson Forest”

    1. Thanks. I feel good! Had a good night of sleep in my hammock. The rain keeps dodging me – that may not last but I’ll take what I can get! Got me a subway packed for lunch. And cookies and fruit. No excuse to fail other than the might of the mountain :-). We’ll see…

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