Beautiful morning on One Mile Rock Trail

Yesterday I had plans to return to Dawson Forest to camp for a night. But I didn’t get away early enough for that ride. So I set my sites on Panolo Mountain which is less than 20 miles from home.

When I got to the campground all the primitive sites were taken -:(. Actually that’s not all bad. Those sites were built last year and they’re really nice. I’m glad I’m not the only one to notice or care.

So I made plans to stealth-camp and started pedaling the trail to Arabia Mountain, where I’ve seen promising opportunities in the past – not so much “if” I can camp, but “where”?

Eventually I stopped at One Mile Rock Trail, which is close to the Klondike Road access to Arabia Mountain trail. I went to the bottom of the rock and discovered this pretty lake.


The lake spills over a little damn and makes a creek that forms small cascading pools of water along a nice trail.


I walked that trail for a few minutes and found that it hooks up with the boardwalk along the Arabia Mountain Trail.


Returning to One Mile Walk, I hunted around for a bit and found a good spot in the woods near the trail. I had a nice evening last night.

I’m up before dawn. Made coffee and oatmeal. Now I’m enjoying this pretty world.


Today I think I’ll ride up to Lithonia on the trail and then head home. Beautiful weekend :-)

Note to self: Lithonia to Stone Mtn via Martin road, redan road, rockbridge/ridge ave is very quiet and shady

3 thoughts on “Beautiful morning on One Mile Rock Trail”

  1. Thanks so much for your interesting and beautiful post! I love the pictures you sent!! Looks like my kind of spot – along with many more! You make great choices. I’m so glad you took the opportunity to get out and communicate with nature. Nothing better. Willie Nelson and Allison w ill try to match it, I’m sure, and may come close, but nothing else truly can!

    I’ll be so glad to see you when you get home!

    I love you, Walter,

  2. Love your adventure…BUT…….there is no camping at Arabia. BUT….we do have plans to and would love to work with you as a citizen to better advocate for a campground. We would have it in a less plant sensitive area off the outcrop where its more comfortable too….

    Ranger Robby
    Arabia Mtn Nature Preserve

    1. Thanks. fwiw I sleep in a hammock and don’t leave a trace. I don’t even clear sticks, etc since I’m not sleeping on the ground. That said, I know rules are rules…my first choice was a campground at panola but it was full so I found a low impact place to improvise.

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