11 thoughts on “Everglades Tour”

    1. Thanks for the hospitality! I enjoyed the dinner, the visit, and the sleep. You and Holly made the whole thing easy.

      I’m at my campsite now and setting up.

      Best regards to you and Holly.

  1. Hi, Walter,

    Have you posted any updates after your note to Joe and Holly? Please let me know if there’s something I need to know to view any newer posts. I can’t find any more – which has me concerned a bit.

    How are you – and where are you? I’m really missing you and hoping that everything is going REALLY well!!!

    Things are quiet here – not much to report on this end. Except Dana and I went to a really good, authentic Italian Pizzeria in Decatur last night, and the food was delicious! We’ll have to go there sometime when you return.

    I love you soooo much, honey,

  2. Hi, honey,
    I guess you’re still biking around in the Everglades, probably without a phone signal! I really do hope you’ve been enjoying all your adventures. You’re REALLY giving yourself – and your bicycle – a workout on this trip! Have you seen any critters yet? I know birds are all around and I know you’re enjoying them, but just curious what other wildlife you’re seeing. Most of them probably stay back away from the road and human animals. :) I’m SO glad that you are doing this trip. You certainly did some good planning and preparation for it, which seems to be paying off well! Makes me feel good!

    I missed your supper-and-spend-the-night this past week. Been thinking about you lots! Things are still quiet around here. Chief is doing well, I’m so happy to say. Marilyn and I are talking about Chief and I coming up for a several day or a week’s visit to the cabin. Chief loved it so much there.

    When you and Richard/Jody get back from your trips, we’ll see about a get-together for a late David’s birthday. Today Martha was invited to join a birdwatching group going hiking on the paths at Constitution Lake. I’ll let her tell you all about it, but she really seems to have had a good time! That makes me happy, bless her heart.It’s waaaay past my bedtime – again – so I’m calling it a night. I’ll be glad when you can get a signal.

    I love you, sweetheart,

    1. Tons of beautiful birds. Alligators, frogs, turtles. Yesterday I started to rescue a turtle that was out in the road. But it looked like a snapping turtle and I decided to leave him be. I would have tried hurrying him across but that might just have sent him into his shell and delay the process.

      I’m having a great time. I’m currently on the ferry to Key West, waiting for departure.

    1. Great time – thanks man. Traveling by car with Becky now. We’re going to Cape Canaveral tomorrow. Then probably a stop at Okefenokee too.

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